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Environmental regulations
Setting up a business in Flanders means you will need to obtain the necessary permits and ensure compliance with environmental law. On this subject the Flemish regional government and the Belgian federal government must comply with EU regulations and standards.
There are three kinds of activities that require environmental permits:
  • Category I: truly hazardous activities - You must obtain a permit from the provincial authorities. The approval involves a prior investigation of the environmental impact of your activity.
  • Category II: less harmful activities - You have to follow more or less the same procedure as in Category I.
  • Category III: activities with limited effects on the environment - You only need to notify the municipal authorities before you start your activities to.
Most construction, reconstruction, demolition and renovation works in Belgium relating to buildings require a building permit. The procedure for obtaining such a permit takes place at the local, provincial and regional levels. Minor changes to existing buildings and minor construction projects are generally exempt.