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Norbert Dentressangle (France) opens depot in Flanders (Belgium)
05 nov 2012 | Source: HLN
International logistics company Norbert Dentressangle (France) has invested EUR 20 million in a new deep-frozen warehouse for its location in Zellik, Flanders (Belgium). The company plans to hire 100 extra warehouse employees for this new building.

Minister-President of Flanders Kris Peeters attended the inauguration of Norbert Dentressangle’s deep-frozen storage unit. Peeters indicated that he was very pleased with this new investment. "Flanders is a true hotbed for logistic operations. With the ‘Flanders in Action’ initiative, we want to highlight the region’s logistic opportunities by investing in the optimization of our transport infrastructure.”

Headquartered in Saint-Vallier, France, transport and logistics company Norbert Dentressangle employs about 33,000 people at 500 sites, located in twenty European countries.

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